Website & Self-Service

More and more people prefer to book their family-ads or classified ads via the internet. These kind of ads mostly have a simple layout and consquently low price. Still it can take considerable time to produce these, and often lots of invoices for relative low amounts have to be sent (and payments to be followed up).

A self service advertising portal like Adonline takes away those hassles. Publishers can put these ads in templates and offer them on their website. The advertisers can input text and pictures/logo's to generate the ad themselves,  book it in the selected publication and pay online. Saves time in your production-,  and book keeping -department!

Ad sales&booking


Since advertising generates most or all income for free newspapers and magazines, the advertising workflow should be well organized and monitored. In addition, tools



For daily papers there's quite a choice of editiorial systems. But for weekly or monthly papers and magazines, these systems are mostly too big, too complex, too expensive,


Graphic design studio

Producing ads and layouting articles must be based upon up-to-date content and planning. A real-time coupling of production with input tools is vital to achieve this. In

Management Information


Always having an up-to-date status overview of your paper gives ease of mind. Knowing how many ads are booked, in production, in correction, placed, allows active steering