Ad sales&booking

Since advertising generates most or all income for free newspapers and magazines, the advertising workflow should be well organized and monitored. In addition, tools that help the sales process are equally vital.

For actively selling ads, customer order history as well as an overview of al his communication,  is of vital importance and must be at hand easily and everywhere. Issues like booking mistakes, wrong (too low) prices, resulting in manual interventions, should not happen. Taking an ad must be quick, easy and flawless!

The web browser based Adfactory  advertising system offers all that, and much more. So get your ads organised, have an up to date overview of the commercial and production status when needed from where ever you are, so that you can always steer your workflow optimally.



Most papers have ads with a simple layout and consquently low price (e.g. classified displays, family ads, etc.). Still it can take considerable time to produce these ads, and



For daily papers there's quite a choice of editiorial systems. But for weekly or monthly papers and magazines, these systems are mostly too big, too complex, too expensive,


Graphic design studio

Producing ads and layouting articles must be based upon up-to-date content and planning. A real-time coupling of production with input tools is vital to achieve this. In

Management Information


Always having an up-to-date status overview of your paper gives ease of mind. Knowing how many ads are booked, in production, in correction, placed, allows active steering