News Website

In order to be also online up-to-date as a publisher, there is the AdFactory News website. This makes it possible to publish articles online via the webtext module of RedaFact, and it also displays online ads booked in the AdFactory system.

Based on WordPress, this website offers the information that you as a publisher want to show; when the paper has just been issued and something important is happening in the neighborhood, an article can be entered in RedaFact to appear directly on the website. If it is important to keep people informed about certain developments, the article can be updated when required. Afterwards, this article can be used for the next print edition.

The website is not only linked to RedaFact but also to the AdFactory advertisement system. Here banners can be entered, which go fully automatically to the website. This coupling also keeps track of which positions are still available in which periods. In addition to banners, for example, staff advertisements or family/classified advertisements can also be exported to the website.
The website is of course adapted to your house style and is therefore flexible in terms of color and functionalities as long as it fits within the web template (theme).
Optionally there is an Events/Calendar module available, which can be controlled from RedaFact.
The self-service portal AdOnline can of course be integrated into your news website as well.