With the invoicing module invoices can be printed directly out of the AdFactory system. These invoices are created as a PDF using the price- and booking data stored on the AdFactory database. Of course it's also possible to send the invoice-PDF via email through the AdFactory system. Per customer it can be configured whether a printed or email-invoice must be sent. The PDF can contain background images and text, so that pre-printed letter paper is not needed.

With the invoicing module also manual invoices can be generated, e.g. for credit notes or other products/services

On the accounting side AdFactory interfaces with most comon accounting systems for exporting customer data, general financial information, invoice information etc.
In addition credit balance / payment status can be imported into AdFactory, which enables  preventign the booking of new ads, in case credit limits are exceeded. These exports/imports are mostly customised to fit the requirements of a publisher.

Screen Shot invoicing

Invoice generation screen