AdOrder is the interface for all ad and customer related tasks. One only needs a web browser to book an ad or view customer history and data. It's therefore quickly learned and easy to operate from anywhere. AdFactory’s webserver uses a concurrent licenses model for AdOrder; the number of usernames is virtually unlimited, the ammount of users loged-in to the system is limited to the number of installed license.

Booking an ad in AdOrder is easy:
» find the customer or add a new customer to the database
» select the publication and enter the specifics of the ad
» enter the publication dates or have a schedule generated for you
» hit "price calculation" and maybe give discounts, or insert a price
» Save the booking and connect/upload the ad material/copy

During this  process, the user is carefully guided. No more wrong ad types, double bookings, conflicting locations, wrongly calculated prices etc. The revenue is automatically asigned to the accountmanager of this customer.

Some of the features:
» full order history and ad-preview available
» detailed customer (contact) data
» automatic agency discount calculation
» contracts and special discounts per customer
» availability check of preference pages and ad locations
» booking confirmation emails

AdOrder screenshot

AdOrder booking screen with ad preview