More and more, advertising customers require to "proove" the produced ad before it is published. AdProof offers the possibility for publishers and customers to to do this using email and internet.

After the ad is created using AdFlow, the status is set to ‘proof’ and an email is sent to the customer with a link to the preview of his Ad. Here he can look and approve the ad online. When clicked OK, the ad joins the normal workflow of the publisher, without any intervention or calls. In case the ad is not approved, a memo field is provided for including comments describing the required adaptations. As such the ad gets a ‘back into production’ status, the pre-press departement can imply the changes, and can have it proofed again. Where the old approval process using faxes or manual email was expensive and time consuming , AdProof now offers an easy to use, cost- and time-effective way to have the ads proofed and released.

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