AdFactory International develops most software modules in house. The software can be locally installed, but because it's web-based, we also offer it in a SaaS model, where it can be hosted from our amazon servers.

When implementing our advertising workflow software, we take care of the configuration, training and start-up-support.
For a local installation, we advise about the (server) hardware. Once the server is installed, we'll carry out the configuration via remote access. This means installing the required third party software (apache webserver, mySQL database, perl, etc.), installing the AdFactory server software, and of course filling the system with the specific data of your publications (titles, dates, prices, adtypes, dimensions, sections, users etc.).
When you choose for our hosted solution, our server is of course partly pre-configured, and only need your publication-specific data as input. In this situation, you still need a local file server that connects with the hosted AdFactory server. In this way publication of your paper is still assured even when your internet connection is not available.

Our editorial software RedaFact is in principle only available as a hosted solution. Only for larger installations, it's available as a local install.

Most of the time we can import your existing customer data; sometimes also existing bookings and material can be imported.
We can export the financial data from the AdFactory system to virtually any accounting system, and also info from this system can be fed back into AdFactory.

Our Self Service Portal AdOnline is also only available as hosted service; it comes with several pre designed ad templates, and it's layout will be matched to your house style. In most cases we will use an i-frame to have AdOnline incorporated into your website. AdOnline can of course be integrated with an existing AdFactory sytem, but it can also serve as a stand alone Self Service Portal outputting emails with PDF's.

Of course we will be on site when you change over to the new AdFactory workflow, to assure all goes well. After that, our support contract guarantees a free helpdesk for all kinds of questions, with priority support in case of publication problems. In addition it allows for free updates (bugfixes, small improvements) and discounts on upgrades (more functions), extra modules and daily rates.