AdFactory server

AdFactory is a web-browser-based advertising system for small and medium-size publishers of papers and magazines. It automates the workflow for booking, creation and placement of ads for both Print and Online publications

The heart of the AdFactory system consists of a database, a web server and (connection to) a file server.  In a hosted set-up, this file server is installed on-site to assure you can even publish your paper should there be no internet connection.

- The database contains all data of customers, publications and ads
- The web server is the interface for the marketing, sales and booking of ads
- The file server houses all customer- and ad materials

AdFactory uses the MySQL database and runs on either Linux or OSX, because of its stability, reasonable price and good scaling capabilities. It is built with other open source products such as HTML, PHP, Perl, JavaScript etc. which also makes customizing easy.


Overview of AdFactory modules for the advertising workflow