Company and history

AdFactory-International, based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, develops and markets browser based advertising- and editorial- workflow software for print and online, targeted to publishers of newspapers and magazines.

It originates from the software development company “Jonge Helden”. This company was founded late 2000 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Its original goal was to supply the regional market with custom developed software, built around its core competences: database systems and Internet technology. Combined with an extensive experience in the newspaper industry, the idea to develop a straightforward and easy to use advertising software system was born. In cooperation with Janssen Pers, the Netherlands, and NP Solutions of New Zealand, AdFactory was developed as a new class of web based software for the advertising process in the publishing industry.

From its introduction in 2003, AdFactory rapidly gained acceptance in the Netherlands. In 2006 it was decided to split the software development from the other activities; AdFactory International was founded as a spin-off company to take care of the worldwide marketing, sales and support of the AdFactory advertising system. Shortly after, also the development activities of the AdFactory software were taken over by AdFactory International to continue new developments for the publishing industry. Jonge Helden started development of web-to-print solutions, and is currently very successful in online publishing solutions for club magazines under the new name “Editoo”

Meanwhile AdFactory-International introduced AdOnline, a self- service portal for booking and creation of ads. More recently a compact browser based Editorial workflow system for print and online (RedaFact) was added to the suite of software.
AdFactory International closely works together with the German software company ClassWizard to integrate with their DispoCloud software; a web based ad placement and page planning and production system. For publishers looking for a simpler (and less expensive) ad placement tool, we integrate the modules from Managing Editor Inc.: ALSforMags or AdForce.

Per today, around 700 newspapers and magazines in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, and even down to New Zealand, are published using the AdFactory software. Specifically targeted to medium and smaller size publishers AdFactory International delivers functionality which is comparable to big integrated publishing systems, yet for a much more attractive price! And because of its web-based nature, all software can also very easily be hosted; no need for local installations and of course even lower investments!