London, 26/2/2013

At the coming publish and mediashow in London, AdFactory International will be introducing a new CRM module to its existing ad booking&production software for publishers.

Where the previous CRM module could handle all telephone contact moments and other agreements made with your customer, this new CRM module tracks all email communication, and assigns not only outgoing but also incoming emails automatically to the right customer.

Because of the browser based nature of the AdFactory software, every user logged into the system with the correct rights, can view all communication with that specific customer, i.e. notes, agreements and emails, listed chronologically.

Of course email-attachements can be handled as well so that a specific offer sent to the customer, can be found in a second. Also when the customer sends ad material, it can automatically be coupled to the ad booking and forwarded to the studio for production.

Because of its high performance database, key-word search enables lightning fast results.

AdFactory’s new CRM module gives a quick and clear overview of all communication per customer, so that every contact moment can be based upon the latest en up to date information related to ad selling and booking!

5 september 2012

Our booth at Media.Expo!! With a great scenic view across the river Rhine!

4 august 2012
Visit us at the Media.Expo 2012!

10 october 2011
Our stand at the IFRA EXPO 2011.

5 september 2011
New AdFactory installation in UK.

The Sunday Sport, back now under new ownership, has ordered an AdFactory AdBooking System from PP Systems. The order includes automatic generation of PDFs for the lineage ads, automated ad layout and Ad Flow, Ad Factory’s production tool. The system which is web based is quick to configure and install and will go live end of August.

The Sunday Sport is considering future expansion with AdFactory’s new Editorial System „RedaFact“.

PP Systems supply and support Adfactory products, to learn more, email PP Systems or phone 01290 551543